How to sell your self-published book


With more and more authors coming to the business, it had become too difficult to get published even if you’re excellent at what you do. However, a solution was found to this problem. Self-publication. Now, before you decide to get yourself published through a self-publishing platform there is one thing you must know. With only the traditional publishing at work, you were in competition with a few talented authors to find yourself recognition. But with self-publishing not only you’re in competition with the talented ones, you’re also in competition with the ones not-so-talented. Everyone who thinks they can write, whether or not they can write, can get themselves published. But the real picture is that while some of the self-published authors might go on to become bestselling authors, there are others who can’t even sell a single copy in their life. Thus, you’ve to prove yourself to the world from amongst millions of other competitors. The question here is how you can stand out and get your self-published book to sale.
Self-publishing means you’ve to actively market yourself, promote your book to the top. In this article I’m going to tell you a few tricks that can help you do just that.

  1. Write a masterpiece: There is certainly no exception to it. To find your book sales touch a new trough, your book has to be the best. In my opinion out of two books of the same niche the self-published book would have similar sales like the one published traditionally when the former is written better than the latter. But don’t be disheartened, if you do a great marketing you’ll still do well.
  2. Understand your audience: It is important that you know who your audience is. If you’re going to sell a comb to a bald man, it would be a tough job. Nevertheless when you know your audience and have written as per your needs you are all set. All genres have their specific set of readers, especially in non-fiction. For example, your book based on Diabetes. You must know what common questions a diabetic patient might have, write such that you cover most questions of your potential readers.
  3. Start marketing even before publishing: It is a good practice to have the word out about your book even before it’s out for sale.
  4. Social networking: Join as much social networks as you can. Brag about yourself and your book (as long as you don’t sound arrogant, self-centered or foolish). Make contacts, create a fan following. Develop yourself a brand. Facebook and twitter are certainly the place to begin.
  5. Using Twitter: It is advisable to keep multiple account, one for personal use, other for your professional representation and another for marketing purposes (which can go by the name of your book, series, or a character’s name with growing popularity). The marketing account should follow similar accounts as it would show up your account in the ‘Follow suggestions’ of possible fans. You may use auto-follow and auto-message to connect to the users in a better fashion.
  6. Books-related social sites: You may sign up at various social sites which are related to authors and books. is just one platform. Other popular platforms are Goodreads and Shelfari. Over these platforms not only you can connect to readers and authors, you may also showcase your books.
  7. Blog/website: You must maintain a website or a blog, where, apart from basic information about you and your book, you can also post promotional articles, reviews etc. Entertain your fans and readers through the blog; give them something frequently to earn their affection—a chapter preview, giveaways, contests etc. Also, share some random writings, informational posts, and things people may be benefitted from. For example, write an article about “How to become a published author” on your blog, so that aspiring writers, and other readers develop a respect for you, besides getting more hits on the website, hence a better exposure.
  8. Social sharing and bookmarking websites: It is a good idea to have account on other social networks like stumbleupon, pinterest, facebook and find your new fans. Share your articles, updates related to the books etc.
  9. Get your books reviewed: Having many good reviews all over the internet is a good way to confirm good sales. Request various bloggers you know to review your books and make posts about them at their blogs, goodreads or amazon, have review exchanges with other authors. You may also pay for getting yourself reviewed by some of the trusted Reviewing programs like Kirkus Reviews.
  10. Giveaways: You can giveaway few copies of the book for free and request them to write a review or at least rate the book at some trusted platform like Goodreads or Amazon. Consider this as an opportunity to build up a good fanbase that would help in increasing the sales, both for this book and the future ones.