What to do when you’ve accepted a freelancing project you cannot complete – Part Two


In the previous article we discussed what to do when you’ve more work than you can possibly complete in the given time. In this article we’ll talk about the situation when you have accepted a freelancing project which requires more skills than you possess.

Reassess given project and list down its requirements

The first step in finding the solution to such a situation is to understand its depth. You must carefully tread through each and every detail of the project. And, while doing so note down the skills that would be required in order to complete the project. Differentiate the skills you do not have from the ones you already have.

Research the required skills and project description

You must make a quick but thorough research about the project and the required skills. Doing so would not only provide you with ideas for the project but also let you know of the time and procedure for acquiring those skills.

Acquire the skills needed

If after going through the second step you are certain that you have enough time and motivation to learn the needed skills, go for it! In the meantime carry on with the project so as not to drag behind the deadline. The acquired skills would not only help you with the current project but also add another slot to your profile. It will surely help you grab more projects in future and complete them in lesser time with more perfection.

However, it wouldn’t always be possible for you to learn the required skills taking into consideration how most projects are usually place tightly on schedule. Or, sometimes the skills might even be too difficult for you to learn at all. If it’s just the time that is the main concern you may ask your client for an extension in the deadline. Though, you’re not always going to get that extension. However, worry not, if there is a problem there has to be a solution.

Take help from those you know

If you are neither able to complete the project on your own, nor it’s possible to acquire the required skills you may request a friend or colleague with the right skill and enough time to help you out. You should offer them a good compensation not only to affirm their contribution but also because they truly deserve it.

Outsource a part of the work

In case you do not have a suitable person among your acquaintances who have the desired skills or time, you have no option to look somewhere else for completing the work. You can outsource the work through various freelancing websites or agencies. Although, you would have to share from your own fees for the project, it would get the job done. It’s still better than losing all the money if you cannot deliver the project at all.

Go and talk it out with the client

If you haven’t enough time in your hands to hire another freelancer for the job, the last option you have is to confront the client and let him know of the situation. You be careful to deal the situation with extreme care and politeness. You may offer him a deduction in the project fees and request to be paid for the portion you’ve successfully completed. Under the best of circumstances the client would be co-operative and let you off with a fair amount of compensation for your work. Even if you get paid little lower than the justified amount, take it and be content, after all it was your mistake to take the wrong job. Nevertheless, you should still be prepared for the worst situations where you do not get paid at all and also receive a bad review. Talk to the client and try to convince him to receive at least a little compensation and avoid the negative review at all costs. If nothing works out be prepared to let go.[bctt tweet=”What To Do When You’ve Accepted A Freelancing Project You Cannot Complete? #Freelancing”]

Make this experience a lesson

In case things don’t go smooth you should learn a lesson from this occurrence. Never ever place bids on a project without going through all the details carefully. Also, be willful to learn new skills through the ongoing projects or in between projects. Do not forget to build contacts, since you never know when you could require a helping hand.