How to get freelancing projects without bidding on freelance websites?


Most novice freelancers assume that the only way to find freelancing projects is through placing bids on freelance websites. I must tell you that such an assumption is wrong. Bidding on freelance website isn’t the only source to land up jobs. In fact there number of places which not only help a freelancer grab more jobs but also get high paying jobs in lesser time. In this article I’m going to enlist a few of such sources to get more freelancing jobs.


It is unlikely that someone who knows the use of internet is not aware of this unique and amazing social network for professionals. LinkedIn has been bringing together employers and employees from a long time. All kinds of companies, ranking from top to bottom, seek their staff through the social network. The freelancers can directly connect and interact with the probable employers, and if you’ve a great profile to boast sometimes an employer could contact you directly. LinkedIn also has a section for jobs where you can browse different jobs available and enroll yourself for them. Also, sometimes you can score a job or two through the right groups for your niche. LinkedIn has two types of account options, free and paid. Having a premium account certainly has its advantage and can help you find jobs easily.


Craigslist is another place where you can look for opportunities, especially if you’re from US/Canada. Broadly Craigslist was started as a portal for buying and selling random stuffs in the neighborhood, however, as the website progressed it has now become a great place where an employer can seek an employee and vice versa. Both jobs and gigs sections would help you land up a suitable project as your requirements. You should contact the potential clients along with a good resume and you are sure to find a job or two in quick time.


Not many people are familiar with the true potential Facebook possess. Although it serves largely as a social network for friends and family, with the introduction of groups, pages, chatting options and sponsored posts, Facebook could be used a powerful tool in building a network for your profession and find more clients.

Traditional Job boards

Though the traditional job boards like usually serve long term/full-day jobs, as freelancing is becoming popular they are now filled with short terms projects too. At the beginning freelancers may find the job boards a little too overwhelming but as they get used to it and explore their true potential, finding projects could be easier.

Start you own blog or website

I don’t think I need to tell you the advantage of having a professional looking website of your own. Not only it presents you as a dedicated and experienced freelancer but also let potential clients contact you directly. Well, most freelancers would think that getting a website is a costly affair and require a lot of time and work to maintain. That notion is certainly incorrect. You can get a blog for free, if you’re not interested in spending any money. However, spending a little money in buying a domain name really spice up your blog. Even better thing to do is to get your own webhosting and install a full-fledged blog/CMS platform like wordpress or joomla. If you’re not comfortable with building your own blog you may hire a professional for doing so ( also offers a cheap blog/website designing service). Adding a contact page to your blog is a must, where a potential client would contact you. Having feedbacks and testimonials is a bonus.

Contact your previous clients or acquaintances

Another way to get a project is to keep in regular touch with the people you know related to your field and the client you’ve worked with in the past. Even if you don’t get directly hired, who knows you might get a referral.

Join with local SEO/Content writing services

A freelancer can also look up for the suitable service providers in their neighborhood and see if they have an opening. Contact them with your resume and if you’re good enough, you may be hired them on short-term or long-term basis depending on their needs. It will help you focus more at your writing, while the company saves you from the headache of finding and dealing with clients.

Freelance contests

Apart from traditional freelance project bidding some freelance website like offers contents options too.