Top 10 ways to learn something new about web design

Web design

We are no longer thinking that the World Wide Web will take over the world in the near future. It has happened. The truth is that the internet is now the medium for education, commerce, religion, communication and everything we do in life. So, websites and other web platforms have completely taken over the world, and the real focus at this moment should be on how to make better websites that will serve the world more effectively.

Lots of people have actually understood the enormous potentials that lie in the World Wide Web. So, many people are taking up careers around it. If you are a web designer, you will always have the need to update your knowledge base because everything about programming is constantly evolving. There may be times when you run into problems you cannot possibly solve by yourself. When such situation occurs, the best thing for you will be to seek for information from experts of from platforms that are meant for this. Below are the best ten ways to learn something new about web design.


This refers to web development events that happen from time to time. Bodies that are into the advancement of technology and the World Wide Web normally organize events or festivals. Here, developers and designers are invited to come, work on particular web design projects, showcase their works and lecture people on how they achieved them. This sprint like event is also called codefest or hackfest, and it serves as an opportunity for all serious web designers to learn new things.

Dev Boot Camps

These are similar to hackathons, but a little bit different. Boot camps for web designing are contests and training programs specifically meant to educate and train people on web designing. It comes like seminars, conferences or most appropriately, courses. It is organized in such a way that people get into camps for weeks or months, for the sole purpose of learning web designing. It comes in form of a computer programing technical education platform.


As mischievous as the name sounds, this is the best platform for learning of new trick and discoveries in web design. It is an online platform for show and tell for webs designers. You will always learn new things here when you hit roadblocks in web designing or when you want to update your pool of knowledge. The Impact Creative Teamworks area does it better.


This is another way to learn new things about web design in the 21st century. This is a premium online resources provider for web designers. It does its own education with video courses that online instructors dole out to the designers. When you pay the monthly subscription fee, you will be given access to a range of courses in Lynda. Lynda has different categories including the beginners, intermediate and advanced levels, and it even teaches about firms, music, education, animation and photography too.

Envato Tuts+ (Tuts+)

This is also referred to as Tut+, and it is a hub where how tos and courses are offered on web design. It is specifically designed to help people learn web design and earn money through their skills. It is part of the creative ecosystem of Envato.

We Design Books

Though many people wouldn’t like to toe this line, but it remains one of the best ways to learn new things about web design. There both online and offline books that could be purchased by people who wish to learn new things about web design. They are updated and published as new things are added, and you can actually use them to get more updates on the latest developments in web design.

Code Academy

Code academy is another important web design resource. This is among the most popular online web designing learning platforms offered free of charge. It teaches coding in an interactive manner. Courses are offered in some of the most essential languages like HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, PHP, Python and others.

WebDesign News

This is an online hub that doles out web design curated news on a daily basis. Now, this serves as the one stop shop, where the latest and most essential news and information about web design could be accessed. If you have favorites you want to get back to, you can create an account, and save them, so that you can come back and read and assimilate them properly. It teaches new things every day.

Web Design Magazines

There are online magazines that focus on web design. One of such is the Smashing magazine. This is a very great and diverse resource, and it covers many topics, ranging from coding, mobile apps, digital marketing, design, and UX design. The best thing about this is that it combines the work of offering the latest web design news with how tos in the web design world.


This is another technology education hub where you can learn new things about web design. The good thing about this is that it is very affordable. It teaches web designing and development, app designing and development and even how to run businesses. With more than 1000 educational videos, you will have a lot on your hands. Better still, there are code challenges and quizzes to help you showcase what you’ve learnt and even gain points or badges when you complete your own videos. From these, you can learn new things every day.

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