Easy and Effective Tips for Bloggers to Increase Blog Traffic


Blogging has become quite a popular trend in recent years where people take up some space in the internet world to unleash their thoughts on mankind. Blogs play a powerful role not only for businesses allowing them to market and target their product to the right audience but blogging has also become a popular way to earn a decent living. However, it’s always easy setting up a blog but maintaining traffic on it and spreading its popularity is where the challenge lies.

Try these easy yet effective steps to increase the traffic to your blog and attracting a larger reader base:

SEO Friendly Content

Search Engines play a massive role in your blog being found by potential audience and readers. However, in order to reach those readers, you must make your content SEO compatible in order for it to be picked up by the search engines as “relevant” when displaying results. Make use of guest posting opportunities along with paid advertisements as well as keyword stuffing in order to improve the ranking of your blog. However, keep in mind that writing SEO content should not interfere with the quality of your writing. Make sure the titles of the blogs, the paragraphing and subheadings are well planned out for search engines to pick up on it. SEO friendly content goes a long way in increasing viewership.

Pay attention to Analytics

Analytics are your friend as they give you a real insight into how your content is performing. You can find out about the traffic source, whether it’s direct or through a particular ad, the demographic of your readers, the bounce rate, and the overall quality and popularity of your blog. This will help you better plan out what kind of content works with what set of audience and where to target the aforementioned content. Analytics will also go a long way in helping you understand the source of your content which is another great determining factor as to where your target audience is. Through analytics, you can give a try to different domain names to try see what works and what doesn’t and you can always make use of godaddy coupons to get access to amazing domain names.

Make use of Visual Content

Visual content always has a stronger hold over a readers mind. No one really goes through every single line of your blog until and unless it’s an avid reader. Most audiences skim through blogs and if the photographs are attractive, they go a long way in captivating the reader. Make use of graphs and photos to better make your point, if you’re writing about fashion then compliment your idea with a photograph. This will surely get your blog more views and virality. Apart from visuals, even the title and domain name of your blog makes a difference and you can register for a unique domain name with bigrock coupons to get great deals and discounts along with a unique domain name to set yourself apart.

Take Advantage of Social Media

With the ever increasing number of users increasing on social media, it’s a great platform to exploit to get maximum views on your content and blog. Social media acts as a natural distributor of your content and you need to be patient when hoping for a positive outcome on social media. Be sure to post your blogs on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and a variety of other social platforms. Comment on other’s blogs where you feel the content is similar to attract them to your blog in return. Ask friends and other users to share your articles to reach maximum users.

Be sure to make use of these easy techniques that will surely get your blog noticed better and gain a larger viewership. You will surely see a rise in the popularity of your content!