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Invisible Ties - Nadya A.R.
Invisible ties by Nadya A.R. is the story of Noor and her struggles in rediscovering herself. The book has received great ratings and reviews including some highly-encouraging words from renowned people. And, as soon as you turn a few pages you’ll understand why. The words are visible. The descriptions of the settings and people and everything else is so picturesque that you immediately drown in its magic.
How To Name Your Characters Right
Naming your characters can be a job as difficult and head-boggling as devising the plot, or the theme, or the overall character development. The names need to be accurate, suit the character’s personality and setting in both time and space. You need names as awesome as Gandalf the grey/white,...
Book Review: Racing the moon
Inspired by his father’s previous illegitimate profession, Joe Riley starts off earning his pocket money in a rough and tumble neighbourhood of Glebe. He gambles on Billycart races and sells farm fresh eggs from his uncle’s chook farm. His real struggle, however, starts when his family sends him off to St. Bartholomew’s Catholic boarding school.
Adultery by Paulo Coelho
Author: Paulo Coehlo Original title: Adultério Language(s): English, Portuguese ISBN: 1101874082 (ISBN13: 9781101874080) Genre: Philosophy, Romance, Literature, Spirituality The story is about the Woman named Linda, in her thirties, weighing 150 pounds, five-eight-foot tall, who wears the best clothes money can buy. She agrees that she can evoke desire in men and envy in...
Seven Tips To Improve Your Writing
The fact that good writing skills are attained with regular practice and hard work is true beyond doubts. To be one of the best takes a lot of practice and a lot of time. No individual is born with great writing skills; it is the time and practice that...