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When adjectives end with –ing they are called participles. Sometimes while using participles they might dangle in a sentence with no proper subject in consideration, or with the wrong subject present in the sentence. Picking the order from the driveway, the car drove ahead. In this sentence it is not specified...
Grammar tips - double negatives
A double negative is the use of two forms of negation in a single sentence. Two negations while used in the same sentence may mean only a single negation, while the second negation intensifies the other. Ideally, two negatives should cancel out each other and produce an affirmative response....
How And When To Use A Comma

How and when to use a comma

One of the most important punctuation marks is a Comma, the little tailed thing. A simple comma can alter the meaning of a sentence to complete opposite. Hence, knowledge of comma is obligatory for everyone. So, let’s see how a little punctuation mark like comma can be used. Compound sentences When...