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How To Fix An Appropriate Schedule For A Better Freelancing Career
One of the drawbacks of working as a Freelancer is that you have no boss around to keep a check on you, to remind you that you have deadlines, or remind you of the fixed 9-5 schedule. Unlike a regular job where you have to follow certain guidelines and...
How To Maintain Top Quality Of The Content As A Freelance Writer
What is one thing that makes a freelance writer better than others? Some may argue that it is the price a freelancer asks, and in fact most employer that the price as the first criteria to hire. The overall answer is simple and straight—only quality of the work can...
How To Change Yourself From Freelance Writer To Freelance Writing Business?
As a freelancer there is a limit to the total time you can spend writing. Limited time means a limited amount of inflowing cash. Sometimes that money may not be enough to take care of all your expenses. And, even if you’re able to meet all your expenses through...
Tips To Improve Your Efficiency As A Freelance Writer – Time Management
Many times freelancers spend all day working through their freelance projects and yet they are unable to deliver much. Such a problem is more common with freelancers who have started working only recently. Since there is no boss around to keep you in line often the freelancer doesn’t even...
How 50-100 Completed Freelance Projects Influence Your Freelancing Career?
When you, as a freelancer, take and complete more and more projects, your profile begins to stand out. Not only it shows the true potential you possess but also let an employer place their trust in you. However, it’s not the time for to relax thinking that your freelancing...
How To Get Freelancing Projects Without Bidding On Freelance Websites?
Most novice freelancers assume that the only way to find freelancing projects is through placing bids on freelance websites. I must tell you that such an assumption is wrong. Bidding on freelance website isn’t the only source to land up jobs. In fact there number of places which not...
How long is the path to success for a freelance writer
If you’re just starting out with a freelancing career, a question you might have in your mind is that how long it’s going to take before you can actually taste success. The question doesn’t have a solid answer and it would vary drastically depending upon a person. First of...
What To Do When You've Accepted A Freelancing Project You Cannot Complete - Part Two
In the previous article we discussed what to do when you've more work than you can possibly complete in the given time. In this article we’ll talk about the situation when you have accepted a freelancing project which requires more skills than you possess. Reassess given project and list down...
What To Do When You’ve Accepted A Freelancing Project You Cannot Complete – Part One
Many a times freelancers take project/s either too much in number to complete within the deadline or requiring the skills they yet do not possess. New freelancers especially those who are too desperate to land a gig might find themselves entrapped in a similar situation. This is no doubt...
Can freelancing be a substitute for a Full-time job?
Can it be? Yes, freelancing can surely be a substitute to full-time jobs. But… Before you decide to quit your full-time job and switch to freelancing full-time you must know that besides being an insecure and inconsistent option, freelancing is also a difficult mode of working to start with and...

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An Unsuitable Woman compiled by Shinie Antony is a collection of short stories, essays, poems exploring the lives of freethinking woman striving hard to find their place in a society where men decide their present and future. Coming from the pens of several renowned Indian authors the narratives are all marvellous, invoking a strong feeling in the heart of the reader—a mix of strength and fear, empathy and repulsion, calmness and anger.