Book Review – Unmet Needs of Entrepreneurship


Unmet Needs of EntrepreneurshipTitle: Unmet Needs of Entrepreneurship
Author: S. Parthasarathy
ISBN: 9788129151124
Language: English
Genres: Non-fiction, Business, Entrepreneurship, Self-help
Format: Paperback, 277 pages


‘Unmet Needs of Entrepreneurship’ is your personal guide on your journey to establish yourself as an entrepreneur. Right from motivating yourself in pursuing your dreams and ideas to preparing and executing the plans, this book has all that you need to know. The book helps you understand the needs you will encounter in your attempts to establish yourself, things you need to change within and without. Also, how you could organize yourself and your though process in reaching closer to success. Here are a few words from critics to help you understand this book better:

By connecting the dots between what entrepreneurs do and who they are, Partha paves the way for a reflective entrepreneur who is self-aware and more effective. This is a fascinating read for every entrepreneur.Dr Ankush Chopra (Professor of Strategy and Innovation, Author of The Dark Side of Innovation
A refreshingly different and interesting take on the entrepreneurial journey with a nice human element to the frameworks and concepts. Good read for anyone curious about the psychology of entrepreneurship and emotions in the journey.Saumil Majmudar, Co-founder & MD, SportzVillage

You may be an established entrepreneur or a business leader, or you may be a novice setting out on a journey in this competitive world of entrepreneurship, ‘Unmet Needs of Entrepreneurship’ is a book which will provide you interesting insights on varied areas like comprehending consumer needs, segmenting markets, improving upon skills required, setting goals, preparing yourself mentally and developing and leading empathetic and motivated teams.

S. Parthasarathy uses a very simple language such that it’s easy for people with no prior knowledge in the field to understand what he wants to tell. Every section is accompanied with brilliant examples and illustrations (some which are intelligent and funny at the same time).

It’s evident that a thorough research has gone behind this book especially from the angle of behavioural science.

Overall a nice, enlightening read. Not only would this book appeal to the business people, but also to those who lack a proper business background and are looking to start out.