Book Review: The Mystery of Bila Land

The Mystery of Bila Land
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Author: Nitish Krishna
Edition language: English
Characters: Vibhas, Shuba, Madhav, Rudresh, Achala and more
Published July 4th 2014 by Notion Press
Format: Paperback, 153 pages
ISBN13: 9789384049768
Genre: Indian Literature, Fantasy, Mythology

I received the book through Goodreads Giveaways. At first I was a little disappointed by the cover design and the thickness of the book. But they say don’t judge the book by its cover.

‘The Mystery of Bila Land’ is a well-weaved, amusing book written by Nitish Krishna. I must congratulate the author for being a good story weaver.

I really loved the overall plot. The story revolves around Vibhas, a boy who had been having strange dreams of a warrior meditating at the foot of snow-capped mountains. The dreams are mostly overwhelming and troubles him. And, that arouses in him the interest of mountain climbing. It is over one such expedition where he loses his way and discovers a mysterious, well-hidden place called Bila Land. He finds that the place in his dreams had always been this mysterious Bila Land, which is completely cut off from the rest of the world because of surrounding mountains. After spending some days in the place, he begins to love the place, as well as Shuba, the village-head’s daughter. The village is constantly under the threat of robbers led by Virat, who has some evil plans for the village. Through his encounters with the robbers Vibhas also learns he has hidden fighting skills of Musti Yudhha and Archery.

Eventually, living in the Bila Land he discovers the meaning of his dreams, and finds out that he is a reincarnation of a Great Mythical Legend from Indian Mythology. Now, I wouldn’t name the legend and ruin the surprise for you. You must read it out and discover yourself.

The book is well-paced. Nitish has an excellent story telling skills. Initially, I didn’t have too much of a hope from the author. But as I read through the book I realized he has done a great job. He had mixed the surprises well, revealed them at appropriate time and maintained a constant captivation factor. For a debutant he has done a good job.

However, the book lacks some serious writing skills. The character building is though quite interesting and fits with the excellent plot, I found them a little cliché and pretentious. For example, the character of Shuba was well too clichéd—no uniqueness, no craft in building it. Vibhas’s character buildup was too pretentious. It was always too obvious that the author had deliberately made him too awesome for his own good. Characterization lacked a natural flow.

Also, the language wasn’t too good. Though I wouldn’t say that there were too many mistakes in his writing, but it could have been written in a better way. The vocabulary was a real concern, and at many a places it seemed that the author seemed unable to find the right word to fit in and thus wrote whatever word/phrase he could think of. I think hiring a good editor would have made the book flawless. Even so, it was a good read.

The resolution of the book was again as great as the plot itself. And, I really liked how he has built up the platform for second book too. I would surely love to read and review the next book.

Also, I would recommend the book to all Indian readers of fantasy. This is a nice, light book to read over a weekend or something. Overall a good book that deserves some appreciation for the author.

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book-review-the-mystery-of-bila-landI would recommend the book to all Indian readers of fantasy. This is a nice, light book to read over a weekend or something. Overall a good book that deserves some appreciation for the author.