Book Review – It Happens for a Reason


Book Review - It Happens for a ReasonAuthor: Preeti Shenoy
Edition language: English
Characters: Vipasha, Aryan, Ankush, Suchi, Manav, Saurabh
Published December 10th 2014
ISBN13: 9789384030742
Format: Paperback, 280 pages
Genre: Contemporary, Romance, Womens fiction, chick lit

It happens for a reason is a story about a girl/woman named Vipasha and her struggle through life.

The book begins at the scene where Vipasha is giving birth to a child and continues forward where Aryan is already in his teens, Vipasha has established a startup Paw-factor, a boarding for dogs, as a source of her living alongside working as a gym instructor. Suchi, her childhood friend makes attempts at hooking her up with guys. While at a dinner where Suchi had plans for Vipasha, a mishap at Paw-factor ruins everything for her. Nevertheless, amidst the chaos, the accident brings her closer to the vet Saurabh. After a little drinking Vipasha opens up and tells him about her past.

Life had never been easy for her starting from her childhood where her parents never seemed to care about her existence. She spent her in a boarding school, where she befriends Suchi, her soul sister.

Just about the end of her school she meets a boy named Ankush in an Ice-cream parlor. Vipasha finds herself in love with him straightaway. For some time they keep in touch through occasional emails. However, after the end of school, Ankush fixes a photo shoot for her with the help of his uncle, and Vipasha’s career as a top model sets off. And, when she was having the time of her life, her career on a roll, while her romance with Ankush had progressed to a stage of active sex, destiny throws her back. She gets pregnant.

Ankush wants her to abort the child, and so does her mother. Nevertheless Vipasha decides against it. She decides to keep the child. Her father extends his support but she is sent to a convent anyway. At the convent she gives birth to Aryan.

The story comes back to present where Vipasha has lost her business entirely. She finds herself attracted to Saurabh, the vet. However, Saurabh dismisses her telling that his Asperger’s would prove quite difficult for him to be in a relation. And, while she is distraught and broken a call from Manav a common friend of Ankush and Vipasha changes everything.

The story is full of emotions, twists and turns, and ofcourse romance. The author has definitely produced a good story, with every element in right quantity. Although the story starts off a little slow, but as it progresses and soon the pace picks up and build upon reader’s curiosity. The plot is interesting and captivating. And, I never felt like putting it back (only was forced to do so because of time constraints).

The language is good—simple, clean, and flawless. The style is fitting for the storyline & its genre and a good example of modern literature. The emotions have been successfully embedded throughout the book and there are many moments that would touch one’s heart. Many quotes in the books would leave a deep impact on the reader. Like,

“There are some truths you should never say. No matter how much it bothers you, no matter how much you want to blurt it out, no matter how important you think it is to say it, it is best buried, suppressed, killed. Saying the truth out loud will only cause pain so lacerating, so wounding that it will be impossible to heal.”

“Yesterday is but a dream and tomorrow is a vision. But today well lived can make every yesterday a dream of happiness and every tomorrow a vision of hope.”

“There are some relationships that never take off. All the ingredients for a successful one exists—but various other factors interfere and sometimes it dies even before it has a chance to blossom. There is nothing you can do about it.”

The characters are well written too. Whether the protagonist Vipasha, or her son Aryan or her friends Suchi, Manav, or other characters like Saurabh, Prakash, Ammu Aunty, her parents, each one has been written well with their own characteristics beautifully depicted in the book. Author has done full justice with each of the character, neither doing too much, not too less, just the balance, which is essential for character growth.

Overall, it was a beautiful read. It certainly wasn’t the kind of book that you could put down in the middle or forget about it as soon as you’ve read it. This story would surely leave an impact on the reader.