How to stop your grownup from making bad decisions

Nina the Philosopher #1


How to stop your grownup from making bad decisionsAuthor: Judy Balan
Edition language: English
Characters: Nina, Ashwin, Ritu, Nikki, Dhiraj, Polka Dot
Published December 31st 2014 by Harper Collins India
Format: Paperback, 160 pages
ISBN: 9351369978 (ISBN13: 9789351369974)
Genre: Contemporary, realistic fiction

How to stop your grownup from making bad decisions is a small, humorous and light story about Nina. Well, Nina is just eleven, and she is a blogger.

The best thing about reading this book was that you’re never going to be bored, and the way it’s presented, you’d never wish to put it down.

Nina is a questioning, curious girl with opinions of her own. At the beginning of the story Nina has a set of opinions about all the people in her life. For her, her mom is a little girl who is tall and wears prettier shoes, while her sister is a voodoo high priestess. She has problems with a particular teacher in her school; she has problems with her mother’s boyfriend, and she has problems with her mother’s boyfriend’s son. On the other hand, she is particularly close to Ashwin uncle, an old friend of her mother and also to her grandparents.[bctt tweet=”How to stop your grownup from making bad decisions #BooksReview #JudyBalan”]

The real trouble starts after her mother meets an accident because of her boyfriend Dhiraj Fist aka Diddy Blood, her mother’s boyfriend. Her mother, on account of emotional instability decides to marry and that’s when everyone in her life begins a quest to prevent it from happening.

Though, the plot isn’t unique and several books have been written on similar lines, the author has presented it in a beautiful way. The story proceeds in the form of blog entries written by Nina. The book is rich of humor, and there isn’t a dull moment ever throughout the story.

Writing style is simple, and since it’s supposed to be coming from the blog of an eleven year old, I think there couldn’t be any better way to write it. Simple choice of words, simple language with a good flow, captivating enough.

Characters are well written, and one could easily understand each of them and find themselves naturally attached. Each of the character seems so natural and realistic that you can easily confuse it for a biography than a fiction. Moustache maami, Diddy blood, Mrs. Dig-shit simply add to the humor while presenting the real life characters from our own lives. The relationship shown between mother and daughter, between sisters, and everyone else couldn’t be more realistic. Full points in that department.

Overall, the book was fun to read, well-written, and well-presented. Four points out of five.