Book Review: Canvas of A Mind


Canvas of a mindAuthor: Purba Chakraborty
Format: Paperback, 170 pages
ISBN13: 9789386487223
Edition language: English
Characters: Akashi, Ipsa, Arjun, Vihaan
Genre: Romance, Thriller, Womens Fiction, Suspense

Set in the beautiful background of Kalimpong, Canvas of a mind, by Purba Chakraborty is a quick and decent read.

The story is about two orphaned sisters living together in Kalimpong. As the elder sister, Akashi, is faced with a shocking breakup with her boyfriend, Vihaan, and draws into herself, while her younger sister, Ipsha, is stalked by a mysterious man. The man sends her loves notes, and woes her by a haunting tune on harmonica, while playing hard-to-get. The story revolves around Ipsha and the mysterious man for a while, until Akashi learns about this and tasks herself in learning the true identity of him while protecting her sister.

The remainder of the story is full of twists and turns at every moment, which I am not going to reveal and spoil. However, I must congratulate Purba for writing another beautiful book. It’s a good book with an intriguing plot. Since the book is not too thick, and quite interesting at that, it can actually be read in a single shot. It’s full of romance and thrill.

Purba has written the book well, using a simple language and straightforward manner of writing, which makes it even more thrilling and engaging. However, I believe there is still some scope of improvement there. Having read ‘The Hidden Letters’ by Purba, I would say that I liked the previous one better. There are minor errors which editor should have taken care of. Also, at some places I think there were a few loopholes that the author failed to correct.

Characters are well-written well, fitting well in the storyline and forcing you to develop a sort of emotional attachment. You’ll particularly admire the character of Akashi as a protective sister.

The storyline is well-paced throwing bits and pieces of thrills and emotions at every step. The resolution was unexpected and leaves you thrilled, shocked and dismayed. However, there are still a few questions unanswered.

One thing that I truly disliked about the book was its cover. A dull stock image with poor lighting and resolution, with the book and author name at the bottom in distracting crooked fonts. This could have been done much better. The blurb is interesting evoking a great interest.

Overall, it was a fine read. Refreshing, engaging, quick read. Interesting plot, with fine characters, and well-paced. Recommended to all readers who wants to read a short, romantic thriller.



  1. A very to the point review, Kishore. Agree with your observation on the cover pic. I have read all the solo books of the author except this one. So, very excited for this but one thing is bothering me that you find The Hidden Letters more than this one. Anyway, quite impressed by your presentation. Good work, Zigreads Team (y)

    • Thanks for reading the review. Purba is a good author with a good writing style and excellent story-telling. Don’t be under the impression that only because I loved ‘The Hidden Letters’ more this book is any less. Sometimes it’s a perspective where what you like more may be liked lesser by someone else and vice versa. I loved the book, nonetheless.


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