I’m a rumination etched in your history
A canvas with the serenity of a starlit night
The musings of a poet, I’m your poetry

I’m a wish you never asked for
A choice you never made
The fantasies of a dreamer, I’m your reverie

I’m an escapist running away from the reality
A lost kid trying to find her virtue
Trapped in my own distress, I’m your captive

I’m a torn page from the book of faith
A broken heart trying to pick its pieces
The scar of a wounded, I’m your pain

I’m an empty bottle that travels across the ocean
A misplaced soul probing for a belonging
The confused feelings of a poseur, I’m your emotion

I’m a shadow that will follow you through your darkest days
I’m the music your mind curates
An endless journey, I’m the fear, I’m the love


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